Cinéfest Niagara
Who Are We?

   Cinefest Niagara is a proud component of The Film Circuit, a division of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It is a non profit organization funded each year by a number of loyal sponsors and operated by committed staff and supporters who are aware of the artistic importance of quality films in our society.

   With 180 groups in 160 communities across Canada, and a presence in 35 countries across the world, The Film Circuit provides film enthusiasts transformative experiences through access to Canadian and international independent films they would otherwise not have the opportunity to see especially if they reside in small communities and remote areas.

   The Film Circuit’s mission is to transform the way people see the world, its vision is to lead the viewers to creative and cultural discovery through the moving image of quality films.

   Twenty-two years ago a group of Welland film enthusiasts recognized the need to become part of The Film Circuit in order to offer the Welland community and the surrounding areas the opportunity to profit from this cinematic activity. These leaders, supported by a team of hardworking volunteers, set out to make this project a reality. Thus was born Cinéfest Niagara.

   With continued interest and dedication, Cinéfest Niagara has opened its 22nd season this past September. Being a member of this activity has become a coveted opportunity. A closed subscribers base of 600 as well as a waiting list attest to the quality and variety of films selected.

   The regular season, for subscribers only, runs from September to June with two showings of each film on the second Wednesday of each month. After several years of operation, Cinefest Niagara introduced two mini film festivals - The Welland International Film Festival and Francofest which are held on alternating years in the Spring. Each festival presents three films over the course of the weekend. All subscribers are invited to participate but a special invitation goes out to the general public, thus giving a larger number of people the opportunity to enjoy a rich repertoire of Canadian and international films.

   Who are we? The answer is obvious. We are an enthusiastic group of people who feel privileged to have in our community an activity that is enjoyable, culturally enticing, and above all, great entertainment.

   See you at the movies!


Clara Simpson – President (présidente)

Stewart Simpson – Vice-President (vice-président)

Anne Audet-Giroux – Publicity (publicité)

Marc-Yvain Giroux- Scholarship Chair (responsable des bourses d’études)

Gisèle Fleury- Festival Chair (responsable des festivals)

Walley Farrell – Finance Chair (responsable des finances)

Doria Farrell – Subscription Chair (responsable des souscriptions)

Line Breton – Secretary (secrétaire)

Thérèse Gauthier - Contact Person – telephone (905) 734-9835 (personne à contacter)

Jacqueline Thériault – Succession Committee (comité de la relève)

Pierrette Pigeon – Hospitality (hospitalité)